2022 was a very special year for the Swiss Life Network as we celebrated our 60th anniversary. The symbol for 60 years of marriage is the diamond, the hardest natural substance on earth, which stands for the lasting strength that binds people together over such a long time. It is also this strength that welds all the partners of the Network together.

Swiss Life Network has been a pioneer among the Pooling Networks since 1962. It is the oldest network and one of the world’s most long-standing international associations of leading independent life insurance companies offering global Employee Benefits expertise.

And today, together with over 90 leading insurance, wellbeing and business partners, it pursues its mission to help its clients create a global Employee Benefits experience tailored to individual needs and self-determined aspirations, no matter where they are in the world.

At the Network Partners Conference 2022 in Cannes, Michael Hansen, CEO Swiss Life Network, answered some questions about this significant milestone. Find out in this short interview how he sees the journey of the last 60 years, the  strengths of the Swiss Life Network and what his expectations are for the future.


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