The Swiss Life Network is pleased to expand its relationship with Aetna, our US Network Partner, by offering Aetna’s international healthcare benefits and services for expatriate groups out of Singapore.

One of the largest health benefits companies in the United States, Aetna has grown rapidly in Singapore since opening up there a few years ago. The hub of Aetna’s Southeast Asia operations, the Singapore office, grew its business by two-thirds in 2012, providing high-quality expatriate healthcare benefits solutions to multinationals, small and mid-sized companies, and individuals and families in the region.

Licensed to sell health insurance in Singapore since June 2012, Aetna offers a suite of plans in line with the company’s commitment to empowering people to live healthier lives. All the plans feature Aetna’s signature care and disease management programmes, 24/7 support from its International Health Advisory Team, and an array of mobile apps that make it easy for members to access quality medical care from a direct-settlement network of more than 100,000 hospitals, clinics and other providers around the world. Wellness and prevention programmes are available as add-ons.

International Healthcare Plan for worldwide care

Aetna’s flagship plan, the International Healthcare Plan (IHP), is a popular choice for companies that want their globally mobile employees to have worldwide medical coverage and high-level service. IHP provides a range of cover options and benefit levels, including major medical treatment, consultations with specialists, primary care physician fees, routine healthcare management, pharmacy, maternity, dental and medical evacuation services. Members have the flexibility to obtain medical treatment at the facility of their choice around the globe.

Healthy Aessentials for Southeast Asia coverage

Aetna’s Healthy Aessentials is an attractive alternative for customers who need coverage only across the Southeast Asia region. Like IHP, Healthy Aessentials offers a range of cover options and benefit levels, allowing companies to choose the cover and limits that best suit their business and employees. Healthy Aessentials includes Aetna’s high-level service, health management programmes and optional wellness education.

“We are pleased to expand our role in the Swiss Life Network to provide its customers in Singapore with high-quality expatriate employee benefits solutions and services tailored to their specific needs,” said Derek Goldberg, Aetna International’s General Manager, Southeast Asia. “With our on-the-ground presence in Singapore and our strong global reach, we can deliver the personalised, comprehensive service that multinational companies require to ensure that their mobile employees have access to quality medical treatment and maintain good health.”

Aetna’s expatriate offerings in Singapore, like those in other parts of the world, leverage the company’s expertise, strength and resources as a top provider of healthcare benefits in the USA.

“Healthcare around the world is changing,” said Goldberg, “from a system that’s focused on treating disease to one that’s focused on keeping people healthy. Aetna is at the forefront of that change, with our technological innovations, population health solutions, corporate health and wellness programs, and care and disease management programmes. We are a company that connects people, employers, healthcare providers and healthcare systems so that the result is quality care, better outcomes and contained costs.” 


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