For the first time ever, Swiss start-ups can conclude their occupational benefit plans using a fully online process. This saves time while enabling entrepreneurs to benefit from the comprehensive, all-round protection of full insurance at an extremely attractive price.

According to Martin Naegeli, Head of Product Design Corporate Clients at Swiss Life Business Direct, the company’s offering is unparalleled on the market. “When we say we are fully online, we mean fully online – in fact in every respect. Since mid-May 2013, companies have been able to conclude a contract in an online process lasting just a few minutes. They also communicate online and do their administration online.”


Unique approach

Swiss Life Business Direct clients do not have to fill in a single questionnaire: registration is entirely online. No signature is required, but a legally binding contract is, of course, still created, a feature no other provider offers. The registration process is also short and intuitive. Start-up entrepreneurs can "tinker with" the different benefit definitions and immediately see the impact on the price. Using this they can find the right solution at the right price – in just a few minutes. They can also compare their selected solution with the industry average, and get useful tips on savings and pensions. 


Target: young entrepreneurs

The new product is aimed at start-up entrepreneurs who have no previous insurer and who have an affinity for online operations. Contracts can be concluded from a minimum annual contribution of CHF 1,000, for companies with a maximum of nine employees. Another plus point is that Swiss Life Business Direct is a full insurance. All risks (death, disability, longevity and investment) are always 100% covered, allowing start-ups to focus fully on their new business. Yet Swiss Life Business Direct costs less than traditional full insurance.

With growing customer demand for more flexible employee benefits solutions and comprehensive expert advice, Swiss Life offers a broad range of products. Changing to a suitable new benefits solution is a simple process.

Occupational benefits too complex?

Asked whether occupational benefits are not too complex and expensive for companies to conclude a contract without first getting advice, Martin Naegeli replies firmly: “At Swiss Life the customer decides whether to seek advice and, if so, how much. Occupational benefits (BVG) are an extremely complex subject, but at Business Direct we have reduced complexity to a minimum and created a solution that makes occupational pensions simple to understand and contracts easy to conclude. Interested parties also have the option to ask questions about the product by calling or writing to Swiss Life. A specialist team at Swiss Life responds to every question.”

Future plans

According to Martin Naegeli, Swiss Life is far from finished in this area, and envisages expanding the product to cover short-term disability benefits and accident insurance. Watch this space for more news.

What sets Swiss Life Business Direct apart:

  • BVG occupational benefits coverage for start-ups with no previous insurer
  • Full insurance: all risks (death, disability, longevity and investment) are always 100% covered
  • Contract concluded online in a few minutes, with no prior knowledge
  • Costs are far lower than for traditional full insurance
  • Choice between the statutory minimum and more far-reaching solutions
  • Administration via the simple, customer-friendly online portal Swiss Life myLife: 24-hour access and
  • self-administration of transactions.