McAfee Japan is part of the global McAfee group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation. McAfee empowers businesses, the public sector, and home users to safely experience the benefits of the internet by delivering proactive and proven security solutions and services for systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world. We talked to Ms Tokiko Tanaka, Human Resources of McAfee Japan, about how the company uses employee benefits to attract and retain the best employees.


Swiss Life: As a computer security software company, what elements of employee benefits are particularly important for your company’s success and growth?

McAfee Japan:

We put a lot of effort into making employees feel that McAfee is a great place to work. Our benefits are designed to support employees’ financial security. We offer a defined contribution pension system. Originally contributions were only made by the company, but since April this year, employees have also been required to match these contributions. This has led 78% of our employees to make further contributions. We also have an employee stock purchase plan, which is popular.

 Our employees are very self-motivated and hard workers. In HR, we support them to achieve a better worklife balance. We strongly promote Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, covering areas such as worklife balance, stress management, career development, management skills, and so on. Employees can receive six sessions on one subject for free.

Swiss Life: McAfee has a presence all over the world. For McAfee Japan specifically, what is important to you in setting up your employee benefits?

McAfee Japan:

Japanese society is very family-oriented, so we sometimes need to consider family members as well as the employees themselves. For example, we send a sympathy card and a condolence cash gift on the death of a family member, and a congratulations card and celebration cash gift when employees get married or have a new baby. Japanese people also value teamwork, and in order to promote this, we fund club activities outside work. Our marathon club and go-cart racing club are very active. Members have fun outside work and are able to communicate cross-functionally.

Swiss Life: Does McAfee believe that a well-designed employee benefit package contributes to the attraction and retention of good employees?

McAfee Japan:

McAfee provides security solutions at all levels, which makes us unique in the market. In order to make McAfee the top security vendor in the market, we need to retain good performers and hire talented people.
 Of course a well-designed benefit package will attract and retain good employees.

Swiss Life: Our Network Partner Meiji Yasuda has been working with McAfee Japan to provide insurance solutions for your employees. What is your impression of these? How satisfied are you with the Swiss Life Network team?

McAfee Japan:

The account manager was very professional and proactive from the beginning of the proposal stage. He really listened to our concerns and answered our questions clearly. We switched from our previous vendor to Meiji Yasuda after ten years of partnership with them. I am very pleased that we are partnering with Meiji Yasuda Life/Swiss Life now, especially as Swiss Life is McAfee’s global pooling network.

Swiss Life: What would you like to see from the Swiss Life Network in the future?

McAfee Japan:

It would be good if we could collaborate to plan an event to support our employees. 

Ms Tokiko Tanaka, Human Resources, McAfee Japan
Ms Tokiko Tanaka, Human Resources, McAfee Japan

                                             Ms Tokiko Tanaka, Human Resources, McAfee Japan

Tokiko Tanaka joined McAfee Japan in 2005, and took up the
opportunity of an international transfer to the UK in 2008. She
spent four and a half years in the UK providing HR services for
the EMEA region. Back in Japan since September 2012, she
handles benefits, compensation, and system-related initiatives. 


Mc Afee Japan


President & CEO

Jean-Claude Buroido

Number of employees

375 (as of February 2013)


March, 199


About Meiji Yasuda Life
Based on premium income, Meiji Yasuda Life is the second largest life insurance company in Japan, the world’s second largest life insurance market. The insurer is the leading provider of group life insurance by coverage in force in Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company has subsidiaries and offices in Asia, Europe, and North America.

The company was formed by the 2004 merger of Meiji Life Insurance and Yasuda Mutual Life, both dating to the 1880s. It offers individual life and annuities, group life and pensions, and investment products, along with medical and accident coverage. Group insurance services are provided to about 280 foreign multinationals in Japan.

The company was rated A by Standard & Poor’s (2012), and has been a member of the Swiss Life Network since 1980.

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