Brazil: Icatu Seguros complements its core offering with wellbeing and convenience elements

Icatu Seguros is the largest independent insurer in Brazil. Offering innovative solutions to meet its clients' needs, the company has a unit dedicated exclusively to multinational companies. In the life insurance area, Icatu Seguros offers new wellbeing elements and facilities to allow employers to upgrade their group life plans as outlined below.

South Africa: Proven wellness approach to healthcare provision

Momentum Health is one of the largest medical aid providers in South Africa, covering more than 100, 000 families and supplying group medical coverage to over 2 ,600 companies. A key factor in Momentum’s success is HealthReturns – a programme that provides monetary rewards for members who look after their health.

China: Ping An Health reduces the cost of healthcare through lifestyle interventions

Over the past two decades, China has achieved marked success in improving life expectancy and reducing death and illness from infectious diseases. However, the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) has grown dramatically, impacting the healthcare costs, absenteeism levels, and productivity of many employers. Ping An Health has recently introduced an innovative solution to help address these problems and improve employee health.

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