Icatu Seguros is the largest independent insurer in Brazil. Offering innovative solutions to meet its clients' needs, the company has a unit dedicated exclusively to multinational companies. In the life insurance area, Icatu Seguros offers new wellbeing elements and facilities to allow employers to upgrade their group life plans as outlined below.

With the focus on wellbeing and convenience, members can now use their life insurance policy to access a wide range of services such as: specialist support for weight loss; professional assistance with health and beauty matters; help with booking shows and concerts; and recommendations for car repairs. Employees can also count on a home assistance package for plumbers, electricians and housemaid services if included in their group plan. Another wellbeing element sees a basket of special products sent to new mothers and their babies in order to promote improved nutrition. And finally, knowing that pets are also important to many members, Icatu now offers pet assistance coverage, including vet consultations, transport, and accommodation.

In addition to these new non-insurance solutions, Icatu has enhanced its core life insurance offering and improved conditions as follows:

  • Extended accidental disability up to 200%
  • Family burial assistance up to a maximum of BRL 7,000
  • Payment of up to 10% of the parents’ individual insured amounts in case of birth of a child with a congenital disease
  • Short-term disability cover in case of total, continual or temporary absence from all gainful occupation due to sickness or accident, whereby Icatu offers one of the highest benefit limits in the market National and international travel assistance.


icatu seguros
icatu seguros