Under the motto “The future starts now”, the Swiss Life Network Conference and Client Day 2014 took place on September 23–25 in Zurich. 140 participants from 32 multinational clients, 32 Network Partners and 10 global brokers and consultants attended the conference.

There was plenty of inspiration from the speakers and participants during the numerous presentations, workshops, training sessions and networking opportunities.

Keynote speaker Charles Donkor of PwC, shared their research and insights on the Millennial generation, which will soon become the largest component of the workforce. His descriptions of the misconceptions between different generations, and the challenges of attracting and integrating the new generation, clearly resonated with the audience.

Simon Euringer of BMW shared a glimpse into the future of personal mobility integrated into vehicles. The advance of technology and its application is extremely powerful when coupled with the right customer-focused priorities.

Four global brokers and consultants – Aon Hewitt, Mercer, Towers Watson and Willis – moderated interactive sessions with participants on retirement, wellbeing, expatriation and work-life balance – topics that are top of mind today. In various workshops, Zoran Kolewski of Electrolux AB, Tobias Junker of Lufthansa, Mariela Lack of SIKA, Bronwen Jones of Time Warner, and Swiss Life Network Partners Andrew Potterton of Unum, and Patrick McGinn of Aetna US described their experiences, best practices and concerns with participants.

In this feature story, we will share some food for thought inspired by the presentations and discussions held at the conference.


The challenges and opportunities of generational differences

In roughly ten years, the baby boomers will be retiring and the workforce will mainly comprise generations X and Y, plus the next cohort. Inspired by a presentation entitled “A Look into the Workforce of the Future” by Charles Donkor of PwC at the Swiss Life Network Client Day 2014, we look at the Millennials and explore the differences between the generations. How is this affecting the workplace and the business landscape? And how should insurance providers adapt in response?

A snapshot of global employee benefit trends

During the Swiss Life Network Client Day 2014, we invited four major international intermediaries to choose topics for discussion with an audience of participants from multinational companies and Swiss Life Network Partners. To get a clearer picture of everyone’s opinions, we also invited those present to vote on various questions. Here are some of the highlights of the session.

Healthy workforce, healthy future

Wellbeing and health management have become hot topics recently. From a social responsibility perspective, of course companies should care about their employees’ wellbeing. But is this simply a good thing for society, or should companies take action for business reasons, such as reducing employee absenteeism and increasing employee engagement? If the latter, can we quantify the return on investment? We asked some Swiss Life Network Partners and clients for their input.

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