Swiss Life Germany has launched an innovative bAV (occupational pension) product offering comprehensive guarantees plus significantly better yield opportunities than traditional products. With Swiss Life Maximo Direct Insurance, employees can now benefit from Swiss asset management expertise for their occupational pension plan.

Swiss Life Maximo enables insureds to choose from a variety of investment strategies depending on their risk profile. Furthermore, as a special advantage, profits can be locked in on a regular basis, automatically if requested, without any action required by the insured.

Insureds also benefit from professional process management of the profit safeguarding feature. Profits are successively secured as the employee approaches retirement, and if requested, the credit balance can be transferred to an investment strategy with a lower percentage of shares. A gross contribution guarantee ensures that insureds always receive a payout equal to their contributions, irrespective of the contract term.

"With Swiss Life Maximo, we want to provide access to Swiss wealth building for everyone," says Thomas A. Fornol, member of the Management Board of Swiss Life Germany. "Our aim has been to develop a fund-related product that saves insureds from making mistakes. This is why we offer an optional profit safeguarding feature, for example. Swiss Life Maximo can only improve its performance over time. Paid contributions and safeguarded profits are guaranteed."

Employees opting for the Swiss Life Maximo concept enjoy all the advantages of an occupational pension. They pay less tax and social security contributions when contributing via deferred compensation, and can choose to receive either a lifelong pension or a one-time lump sum. Occupational disability coverage can be added as an option.

Swiss Life Maximo is available for contributions of as little as EUR 30 a month, to make this pension product affordable to the largest possible number of employees. A minimum term of only two years means that older employees can also join and enjoy the benefits of the occupational pension. Contributions can be employer-funded or paid by the employee through deferred compensation. Mixed-funded schemes are also available.

Swiss Life Asset Managers, the Swiss Life Group's asset management division, is responsible for managing the funds. With managed assets of CHF 155 billion, Swiss Life Asset Managers is the fourth-largest institutional asset manager in Switzerland. Swiss Life Germany provides the guarantees, drawing on its 150 years of experience and expertise.

Thomas A. Fornol adds: "Swiss Life Maximo is the first in a new product range featuring enhanced security, transparency and fairness. We stand out from the market by optimising assets individually and every trading day, if required, for every single customer. Swiss Life Maximo offers an advanced, high-quality, Swiss-style pension scheme, which is particularly valuable at a time of continuing low interest rates."

Numerous awards from independent institutions, including the Insurance Industry Innovation Award from assessment house Morgen & Morgen, and Cash magazine’s Financial Advisors Award, confirm the quality of Swiss Life Maximo. 


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