Created with Swiss reliability and quality in its DNA, the Swiss Life Network continues to explore and expand into new areas as a pioneer in the global employee benefits landscape.

In 2013, the Swiss Life Network ran an in-depth strategy review drawing on the active involvement of the Swiss Life Network Board. The outcome was a new strategy: Swiss Life Network 2.0. Under this, Swiss Life remains committed to managing the Swiss Life Network as an open global employee benefits platform, with the clear ambition to be known as the reliable partner for all matters regarding global employee benefits around the world.

The main focus for the Swiss Life Network continues to be multinational companies and their consultants, and the satisfaction of their constantly evolving employee benefits requirements and expectations. Not only committed to serving large and well-established global multinational companies, Swiss Life and the Swiss Life Network also aim to be the go-to partners for multinational companies at an early stage of their global development, usually with fewer than 1500 employees.

Using a segmented and differentiated approach, our Network Partners will carry on providing effective and efficient solutions and services for all types of employee populations. In particular, a major pillar of the Swiss Life Network’s offering will be comprehensive solutions for mobile and expat populations to complement those for local populations.

The Swiss Life Network will continue to be differentiated in the global employee benefits industry by the high quality and reliability of our solutions. This is a direct consequence of the inherent Swiss quality of the Network since its creation more than 50 years ago.

While the Swiss quality label will remain an integral feature of the Swiss Life Network, Swiss Life Network 2.0, the second generation blueprint, includes several additional features and elements:

  • The unique open platform set-up of the Swiss Life Network, through which best-in-class employee benefit providers join forces to serve multinational companies, is characterised by a strong two-way mindset. This results in all stakeholders aiming towards win-win solutions – benefiting multinational companies, consultants, employees and providers.

  • The Swiss Life Network’s horizon is long-term and focused on sustainability, thus assuring ongoing evolution and continuous development. This development is not limited to new technologies, but also covers areas that at first sight seem far from classical employee benefit or insurance domains, such as wellness. These elements are gaining increasing importance for employers and employees. The Swiss Life Network’s open set-up supports evolution beyond insurance solutions and services, unlocking the full power of employee benefits to impact the performance of employees and thus their employers.

  • While employee benefits, particularly where different jurisdictions are involved, are becoming ever more complex, Swiss Life Network 2.0 is dedicated to reducing complexity and ensuring transparency and simplicity in all areas. Our ambition is for our business partners to find it easy and convenient to deal with the Network – not only thanks to the use of different media and technologies, but also in terms of processes and the overall customer experience.

In its early days, the Swiss Life Network was the pioneer of risk pooling for multinational corporations. Over time, through constantly staying close to the markets and our clients, anticipating their needs, and satisfying their comprehensive employee benefit requirements, Swiss Life and the Swiss Life Network have gone far beyond pure pooling. In the recent past, the Swiss Life Network began to pioneer non-insurance elements, and going forward, Swiss Life Network 2.0 is committed to remaining a pioneer in the global employee benefits arena.

Many of the key strategic elements listed above have already been implemented over the last few months:

  • Improvement of our expat solutions
  • Addition of non-insurance elements, such as wellbeing
  • Streamlining of reporting for multinational clients

Partnership with Aetna for Network cooperation in the USA and Singapore, and to explore potential health management solutions for multinational companies.

Naturally, there will be further improvements in 2014 and beyond, and we will keep you fully informed about these as they happen. Alongside all the changes, we remain true to our belief that your employees matter. Let us help you to find the best employee benefit solutions for them – and for your company.

Swiss Life is in top shape

The Swiss Life Group increased its adjusted profit from operations by 13% to CHF 1143 million in 2013. Premium income rose by 4% to CHF 18 billion.



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