The Swiss Life Global Forum 2015 took place in September. Around 50 partners participated actively during the two days event, which was filled with meetings, presentations and breakout sessions.

On 24-25 September, 50 Network Partners arrived from different corners of the world to join the Global Forum, our Swiss Life Network annual conference in Zurich. Nils Frowein, CEO Market Unit International together with Theo Iaponas, Head of Corporate Clients, opened this year’s conference with presentations on the future strategy of the business unit.

The importance of the Network within the Corporate Clients unit as well as to the Swiss Life Group was underlined. Theo further elaborated on the new structure of Corporate Clients and the reasons for the build-up of the organisation in Luxembourg, with realisation of synergies and a more integrated and focused organisation to further improve products and services. This gave comforting answer to many of the partners who travelled to Zurich with questions about the future and the new organisation. 


"It was a great opportunity to meet our network partners who work with us around the world. It was very interesting and instructive to know more about how their social security systems work, or how employee benefits are managed compared to France." (Alexandra Belkacem, Swiss Life France)


This year’s conference was based on the lead word collaboration, which was transmitted throughout the two days. Collaboration is closely linked to enabling the strategic vision – to be the leading independent platform for employee benefit solutions – which depends on the mutual contribution and engagement of all the Swiss Life Network partners. The active participation and feedback of many of our partners during the Sales Market Place meetings and Showroom breakout sessions gives us a feeling of moving in the right direction together.

It could have been the delight in seeing each other in person, the interest in receiving information on the current status of the Network, the intense discussions on sales prospects or the mutual exchange of ideas and feedback in the breakout sessions. Whatever the reason may be, the two day conference was a great success and we were pleased to see the participation of our first class partners. 


“A very well organized arranged forum with interesting topics on the agenda. Useful to get further insights on the future plans, meet relevant resources in the network and discuss concrete business opportunities” (Tore Vadseth, DNB)

As our inspiring guest speaker and renowned futurist Gerd Leonhard mentioned, the future successful organisation depends on the networking model rather than the traditional organisations we know today.

Vital Schwander, Head of Corporate Clients Zurich, summarised the feedback provided from the partners during the Showroom breakout sessions and gave everyone a first glance of how a future potential networking platform could look like for the Network.

We would like to thank all partners again for their commitment and trust and we look forward to striving for excellence together and making best use of our potential in the time ahead.

“It was my 10th participation in the yearly event of the Swiss Life Network and it has always been productive to share experiences, talk about the strategies and define the business plan for the following year. Even though this year the changes in the structure of Swiss Life International made me feel anxious about the future perspectives, I was positively surprised by the end of the conference. The Network was motivated to add value and reach a desired new position." (Vanessa Donke Ferrari, Icatu Seguros)