Established in 2007, Apollo Munich is a joint venture between the Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich Health, Munich Re’s health business. Today Apollo Munich is a leading health insurer offering innovative health, accident, and travel insurance across India. With a network of 83 branches and over 25,000 agents, Apollo Munich Health Insurance has been a valued member of the Swiss Life Network since 2011.

Apollo Munich draws on the expertise of its parent companies to bring innovative products and services to India, along with excellent customer service and competitive pricing. The company was the first health insurer to offer benefits like lifelong renewal, no sub-limits, maternity, restore (100% reinstatement of the sum insured), and multiplier (up to 100% no claims bonus).

Maintaining its tradition of innovation, Apollo Munich recently launched India’s first exclusive health insurance plan to cover an infectious disease: Dengue Care. The onset of the monsoon season in India brings with it a slew of mosquito-related diseases such as dengue. In 2014, there were over 40,000 dengue cases reported in India, with the estimated number of unreported cases at 6 million. On average, hospitalisation for dengue treatment costs each individual INR 35,000.

Apollo Munich’s Dengue Care is a value-for-money health insurance policy focused solely on dengue treatment. It covers both hospitalization and outpatient care. It is available for a very affordable one-time annual premium of INR 444, and provides coverage of up to INR 50,000 for inpatient care, and INR 10,000 for outpatient treatment.

Special advantages

  • As a pure health insurance company, Apollo Munich offers not only health insurance cover but also preventive, promotional, outpatient and palliative services.
  • Apollo Munich has a deep understanding of corporate healthcare, including disease patterns and incidence, with in-depth knowledge of prevention and wellness, provider profiles, and behaviour.
  • Apollo Munich’s parent, the Apollo Hospitals Group, has an extensive healthcare infrastructure that combines with a customer-oriented approach to guarantee the best possible solutions for customers.