Danica was founded in 1842 and is a major player for life, pension and health insurance in Denmark and Scandinavia. The offering consists of both regional and local solutions through own subsidiaries in the Nordic region. The Company has been a member of the Swiss Life Network since 1986.

Danica Pension’s customers can now get a second opinion through a new and exclusive cooperation with Best Doctors which is something up to 71 per cent of the Danish people would like to have in connection with a critical illness.

Illness forges insecurity and many people experience being in doubt when the diagnosis is given. Research carried out by Userneeds points to 42 per cent of the Danes feeling insecure about their diagnosis. With Danica Pension’s new cooperation with Best Doctors it is now possible to get a second opinion based on knowledge and insight from some of the world’s leading experts.

”The cooperation with Best Doctors strengthens our offer within health and is in direct line with our goal to make our customers feel secure. Having an extra set of eyes on a diagnosis or a treatment course makes people feel safe and calm. At the same time Best Doctor’s 53,000 medical experts will be able to contribute with new inspiration and knowledge for the continued dialogue between our customer and the doctors” says Per Klitgård, CEO in Danica Pension.

About Best Doctors

Best Doctors cooperates with 53,000 leading medical experts in the world. Every doctor has been carefully selected by other experts or doctors because they are advanced within their field. Best Doctors has more than 25 years’ experience and was founded by doctors from Harvard Medical School. Today, Best Doctors is represented in more than 100 countries.

”Our product is a supplement to Denmark’s excellent health care system. We are able to supplement the approximately 22,000 doctors in Denmark with knowledge and experience from 53,000 of the world’s leading medical specialists. The patient is in focus and the goal is in cooperation with the patient and his/her doctors to make the correct diagnosis and find the treatment which can either cure the patient or increase the quality of life for the patient.” Says Dominic Howard, Director Europe at Best Doctors.

In practice

As a customer in Danica Pension you have access to Best Doctors. As soon as you contact Best Doctors, a trained nurse will be assigned to your case and be responsible for coordinating your course. Everything is confidential and takes place via email and phone. The nurse will forward your medical record and diagnosis to Best Doctors’ team of experts within the illness in question. Hereafter the experts assess the diagnosis and provide a second opinion in the form of a report which you can share with your own doctor. All correspondence takes place in Danish.

Best Doctors can be contacted both in case of critical illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer or Parkinson, but also in cases of less serious conditions such as migraine, back pain or eczema.

Facts about the Danes  

  • 42% of the Danes have at some point felt insecure about the diagnosis they have been given
  • 32% of the Danes have in connection with illness received or had a desire for a second opinion from medical experts
  • 71% of the Danes would like to have the opportunity of a second opinion through their pension scheme on their own or their next of kin’s diagnosis in connection with critical illness
  • 37% of the Danes feel that their own doctor does not have enough knowledge about their illness
  • Every other Dane who is diagnosed with an illness believes that their doctor was not aware of their symptoms before they were diagnosed