Momentum was founded in South Africa in 1966, and is now a major player for life, pension and health care insurance. It also operates in 12 countries outside South Africa, offering a full range of products to all market segments through its Momentum and Metropolitan brands. Momentum has been a valued Swiss Life Network Partner since 1977.

Momentum launched a new health product in June 2015 for medium-sized businesses with 50 to 500 employees. The Momentum Productivity Enhancer integrates retirement, risk and health benefits with an associated rewards program, and is aimed at enhancing employee productivity. The focus is on improving employees’ lifestyles and mental well-being through encouraging greater physical activity, improved diet, quitting smoking, and reducing financial stress.

A healthy workforce is directly correlated with higher levels of productivity and a positive bottom-line. Momentum’s Human Capital Productivity Enhancer helps employers improve the financial wellness of their business by enhancing the productivity of their workforce.

Employee productivity is affected by both absenteeism and presenteism. While absenteeism refers to lost productivity through sick leave or family responsibility leave, presenteism arises when employees are at work but not engaged with their jobs. Thus productivity is affected not only by an employee’s health, but also by financial stress, the work-life balance, personal problems, job satisfaction, and other elements. Although Momentum cannot influence all these directly, we can play a role in improving employee health and reducing financial stress.

Poor health

Businesses have limited control over their employees’ acute conditions (e.g. flu), however companies can influence the development of non-hereditary chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc.).These are often caused by modifiable risk behaviours such as physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, smoking, and the harmful use of alcohol. Programs that meaningfully reward healthy living are the ideal way to reduce these behaviours.

Financial stress

Financial stress can lead to increased physical illness, higher health expenses, and more unproductive hours at work. Absenteeism, presenteism and increased work-related accidents follow. In the end, both the employee and the employer experience a decrease in their financial wellness.

Understanding the solution

Momentum’s Medium Corporate Segment division has crafted a specific solution for these problems. With most employees turning to their employer in times of financial difficulty, some 73% of employees and 64% of employers say that retirement and insurance benefits provide peace of mind for the unexpected.

The solution

Businesses may not be able to assist their employees with all their financial worries, but part of the answer lies in Momentum’s Human Capital Productivity Enhancer, which integrates our FundsAtWork, Momentum Health and Multiply solutions. This new package helps employers to enhance workforce productivity by improving employees’ lifestyles, encouraging them to become more active, improve their diet, and quit smoking, and taking care of their mental well-being by reducing financial stress.

Momentum’s Human Capital Productivity Enhancer is aimed at medium-sized businesses. Bespoke solutions are also available for smaller or larger business.


Human Capital Productivity Enhancer