Sindy Stautemas, Team Leader Personal Savings Insurance, joined Swiss Life (Luxembourg) S.A. in 2004, in "Middle Office" team.

The team was in charge of private, corporate and the traditional business. Since then, she has taken on many responsibilities, from dealing with compliance issues, to leading the Personal Savings Insurance team. In January 2016, she will take up a new challenge within the Swiss Life Network team. Being the main contact person for our Network partners and taking care of their enquiries among other tasks.



1. What have you done at Swiss Life?

The year 2016 will be my 12th with Swiss Life. I started in 2004, in the team making offers for traditional corporate business. At that time, unit-linked business was growing fast in Belgium. With my previous experience at Foyer International, and the fact that I speak Dutch, I started to focus on handling new cases for the Belgian market. Later, I had the opportunity to join the Compliance team, where I concentrated on onboarding new partners and handling complaints, while at the same time being involved in document set-up and translations. You quickly learn to multi-task at Swiss Life!

In 2012, I was asked to lead the Personal Savings Insurance team, which manages portfolios of traditional and unit-linked contracts, mainly for the Belgian market. The objectives were to service our existing clients and protect the company from any financial or reputational risk on our legacy portfolio. It has been a very enriching experience leading a team.



2. What made you decide to join the Corporate Clients team?

After many years in private client business, I’m quite familiar with the subject. Now is the right time to take on a new challenge at Swiss Life, with an opportunity to do what I enjoy most: working in an international environment, meeting new people, contributing to the development of the business, and having contact with the external world.



3. What do you do outside of work?

I am very close to my two daughters. I like to spend time with them, playing with my 6-year old, or just listening (important for my 15-year old). Education is a subject dear to my heart, which is why I’m a parent representative on both girls’ school boards. I’m also a member of the Rock against Cancer Committee at Swiss Life Luxembourg. We organise a concert once a year to raise funds for two associations in Luxembourg that help adults and children suffering from cancer.

To relax, I attend a yoga course once a week and like to read about the wonderful world we live in (from natural beauty to the fascinating evolution of technology).