How can we combine long-term returns and short-term risk management in a challenging financial environment?

The experience of the 2008 crisis has led us to adopt an approach focused on risk control for our mixed asset allocation funds. This approach is particularly well-suited to the financial environment over the past few years, when sudden and brutal financial crises have happened one after another. Our investment strategy is based on a risk parity allocation for each asset class, and an allocation derived from our proprietary models that analyse the phases of the economic cycle. One of the key aspects of our dynamic approach is the more robust levels of risk taken in our portfolios compared with a more static approach. In other words, investors can define their risk profile and rely on our portfolios to meet their targets.

The benefits of the strategy of our mixed asset allocation funds

  • Portfolios are constructed dynamically and deliver strong performance in the most difficult market phases.
  • We follow an active strategy based on understanding and controlling risks throughout the economic cycle.
  • The strategy allows delegation to specialist management and portfolio diversification through these funds when there is an identified risk.

Investment Framework

  • Portfolios are exposed to euro-area equities, bonds and negotiable debt securities, and non-euro mutual funds, futures, or individual securities.
  • The underlying funds are mainly trackers and are selected for their complementarity within the portfolio.
  • With volatility in mind, the investment process is updated monthly and portfolios are updated.

Our current offer consists of two Luxemburg SICAV ranges. One is hedged against currency risks: Swiss Life Funds (Lux). The other is unhedged: Swiss Life Index Funds (Lux). 


*Fund performance as of 31-07-2015. 

Past performance does not predict future performance. Fees and commissions are included in the performance indicated.