We need to improve the way we communicate about pensions. This is the result of a survey recently conducted on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

The participants were generally unhappy about the amount of paper and the piecemeal character of the information they received. Especially if they had a pension with several administrators. 

Fortunately, however, improvements are on the way:

  • Online communication will be the norm.
  • The “welcome letter” and the explanation will be replaced by a Pension 1-2-3 document. Pension
    1-2-3 is actually not a ‘document’ but digital information. Only on special request this information can be sent in the format of a ‘document’.
  • Pension administrators now have to provide better insights into accrued pension commitments.

A different survey conducted by Zwitserleven revealed that 59% of the employees who participated believed that they didn’t have enough information to determine if they would have enough money after they retired. This is one of the reasons why we are launching Zwitserleven PensioenInzicht, which will provide an immediate answer to this question 

Immediate insight into your pensions

Zwitserleven is determined to give every participant a better insight into their pension situation. Not only regarding the pension they have with us, but for all their pensions, including those accrued with other insurers and pension funds. And their state pension. PensioenInzicht shows a participant’s total pension in a simple graphic. Gross and net. We compare the person’s pension with their current income, which enables users to see whether they will have enough money when they retire.

How Zwitserleven PensioenInzicht works

Users first retrieve their own details from Zwitserleven’s database. If they have accrued a pension elsewhere, or don’t have a pension with Zwitserleven, they can upload the information through MijnPensioenOverzicht.nl.
Users don’t have to look up and retype lots of numbers themselves. PensioenInzicht automatically uploads the pensions in the right place. This makes it easy to get started. Moving the sliders back and forth gives answers to questions such as:

  • How much income will I have if I retire earlier or later?
  • How much could I save if I started saving now?
  • What will my partner get if I die?
  • People with an investment pension with Zwitserleven can also see the performance of their investments.

PensioenInzicht is easy to access through Zwitserleven’s homepage. You can log in securely with your DigiD and get fast and easy insights into your own pension situation. That’s PensioenInzicht!

The right information for the right decisions

A lot has changed in recent years in terms of pensions and what is expected from employees. The government is scaling down its involvement in pensions and employees have to do more themselves. We believe that it’s our responsibility to inform people about this. For example, with understandable animations and tools like PensioenInzicht. Because employees need the right information in order to take the right decisions.

Sale of VIVAT by Anbang completed

On 26 July 2015 it was announced that the sale of VIVAT to Anbang Group Holdings Co. Ltd., a full subsidiary of Anbang Insurance Group Co. Ltd. (Anbang), was completed.

VIVAT Verzekeringen comprises the brands: Zwitserleven, Zelf, Route Mobiel, Reaal, Proteq, Proteq Dier & Zorg and ACTIAM.

VIVAT is now part of Anbang, a leading Chinese insurance company.

Anbang will strengthen VIVAT’s capital position, creating room to invest in the future.

Read the full press release here