Michael Hansen, Head of the Swiss Life Network, describes his recent activities and what’s coming up soon.

Dear Reader,

As I set out in my first editorial four months ago, our primarily focus has been on strengthening relationships with our Network Partners and clients; sharing and collecting views on important topics like transparency, communication and business opportunities; and last but not least, people.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many Network Partners in person, as well as many clients around the world. All these meetings – without exception – were extremely fruitful and positive. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our Partners and Clients for their ongoing commitment and patience, as well as their honest and valuable feedback and ideas for the future.

Despite the changes we had the last months, we’ve been able to ensure timely delivery of our clients’ pooling reports and currently expect to deliver the last report almost a month earlier than ever before. What’s more, now that the Network is fully integrated into Swiss Life International, we have even more expertise and know-how on hand, with over 40 nationalities speaking 30+ languages. We’re truly international.

Our new digital partner platform, which will be launched at the upcoming Network Partners Conference at the end of September, lets us take a huge step forward. It will deliver on our promises of improved communication and business development – which should help clients and brokers as well. Without revealing too much, while the first launch opens the platform to Network Partners, the second and third releases will open it to other stakeholders.

This issue of our newsletter brings you more insides about our people, Network Partners’ local news, and useful tips on business card etiquette.

Thanks for reading – and have a great start back after the summer break.

Michael Hansen
CEO Swiss Life Network