Strengthening the client experience

Editorial by Michael Hansen, Head of the Swiss Life Network.

News from our Network Partners

Interview with François Coste, CEO of Groupama in Romania, who explains his views on the new relationship with the Swiss Life Network.

Meet our People

Discover here why Pascal Dudli, Relationship Manager at Swiss Life Network, left the Swiss Alps for the banks of the Thames in London..

The Swiss Life Network’s journey to becoming a ‘digitalised network’

The Swiss Life Network is on its way to making sure that all stakeholders in the Network have access to our digital platform to meet their specific needs. But is this just digitalisation for its own sake?

Multicultural Awareness

Learning about different cultures is so useful and rewarding that we have decided to continue our articles on multicultural awareness. This time, we detail some business etiquette tips for two countries celebrating their 40th anniversary with the Swiss Life Network: Ireland and South Africa.

Partners Anniversaries 2017

Swiss Life Global Solutions is proud to celebrate the strong partnership anniversaries with 17 Network Partners.