The ultimate, very ambitious goal of the Swiss Life Network is to have all parties able to participate in and profit from the digital platform, using it as an information hub and backbone for collaboration.

Opening up the platform to more stakeholders, enriching it with more information and data, and further enhancing the methods of communication, will ultimately lead to increased interaction. This will be the basis for further leveraging business relationships and exploiting new business opportunities.

One of the features set to go live later this year, which highlights this increased immediacy of communication and interaction, will be a feature that allows Network Partners to request automatic pooling simulations via Sales Live. Having entered information on a local quotation, the Network Partner will receive the results of a pooling simulation on the spot, to use as required.

Going forward, the Swiss Life Network will analyse the needs of third-party providers and intermediaries to see how the digital platform can add value. Based on the results, we plan to add further customized portals.