In 2017, with the delivery of the international profit and loss accounts for the 2016 accounting year, all clients will be given personal access to the Clients’ Portal. This will allow them to view, analyse and benchmark the data in their international profit and loss account in charts and graphs. Clients can now gain insights and draw conclusions in a convenient and flexible way - all on their own. This is not only a new way of viewing and analysing data, but it also makes available the full range of data across countries, coverages and years. In this way, the Clients’ Portal is laying a foundation on which clients can further sharpen and develop their employee benefits strategies.

The Clients’ Portal will of course not replace the provision of the usual pdf files, which will always be downloadable in the portal as well. Nor will it replace the role of relationship managers in the Swiss Life Network and personal contact with them. The Clients’ Portal aims to become a complementary touchpoint with the Swiss Life Network that will offer all kind of services and information on employee benefits for multinational corporations, including but also going well beyond the area of multinational pooling.

The Product Finder feature will help clients to find products and services offered by Network Partners and match them with their needs. This will help clients find answers and guidance in the complex and fast-moving world of employee benefits in a convenient way. From their initial search for a product, clients will be able to contact Network Partners directly for further details or a quotation. This feature is complemented by information on social security systems in local markets and benchmarked data within the Swiss Life Network.

Since Network Partners already work on the platform via Sales Live, the Clients’ Portal will allow clients to contact Network Partners directly and get in-depth information regarding their existing portfolio with the Network. The Clients’ Portal will also make sure that the headquarters of multinational companies are always kept informed about local quotations currently being worked on.