Interview with Alessandro Tulli - CEO, Swiss Life Liechtenstein

What are the current wealth management challenges and concerns for Swiss resident clients?

One of the main concerns that HNWI clients face (including Swiss residents) is wealth transfer and succession planning. In addition, the lack of liquidity available to ensure that the next generation can meet their tax obligations is becoming increasingly challenging. Finally, HNWIs tend to have complex and diverse family structures especially with regard their cross-border residencies of the family members and wealth structures.

Where do you see opportunities?

All these needs can be addressed with tailor-made insurance solutions. For Swiss resident clients, an appropriate solution would be our VUL Switzerland offer together with the qualified insurance advice provided by Swiss Life Global Solutions specialists. This is the ideal combination to the wealth planning expertise brought by our trusted partners.

Will wealthy Swiss residents have to face any threats now and in the near future?

This is difficult to predict, however we are facing an increasingly complex regulatory environment in Europe and globally that does not only impact the business of insurance companies and their wealth management partners but also the estate planning structures of our clients. Swiss Life is committed to ensure that clients and partners receive the most suitable and adequate solution to match their needs. 

What are the overall key advantages for considering a life insurance policy as wealth management solution?

The VUL Switzerland is an excellent tool to address the issues explained above. It combines wealth structuring features that are recognised in Switzerland, as a fully compliant 3b solution, but also globally in many countries as a life insurance contract (both in common and civil law jurisdictions). 


Alessandro Tulli
CEO - Swisslife Liechtenstein