These case studies illustrate the advantages our tailor-made solutions can offer.

Case study 1: Singaporean resident with large portfolio

A Singaporean resident owns large portfolio. She wants to plan for an efficient wealth transfer in accordance with her personal unique set of needs.

A retired Singaporean national owns a family business. She has a net worth of $45 million, of which $30 million derive from the stake under the family business.


  • Effective succession planning
  • Protection of savings from risks ordinarily connected to business activities
  • Simplify reporting obligations and increasing financial privacy
  • Tax efficiency on passive income, i.e. dividends, interests and capital gains.


  • Estate Planning. The contract will provide the possibility to secure the succession planning in accordance with his personal wishes.
  • Asset Protection. Offers protection on assets that are irrevocably nominated via the insurance contract.
  • Simplified Reporting Obligations. Only policy value to be included in his tax return.

Case study 2: Portuguese tax resident with large portfolio

A widower Singaporean resident has 3 sons and has inherited husband’s estate worth USD 14m. She receives investment income from a bond portfolio, which supplements her retirement income.


  • Retain investment income until it is time to distribute her wealth to her children.
  • Pass on the assets to her children without disposing them on the market
  • Equalize the distribution of her wealth among her 3 sons.


  • Investment Flexibility. VUL policy can be funded with a bond portfolio so that she can keep receiving additional income.
  • Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning. In case  of death, the VUL policy can be redeemed in the form of Bond and/or cash.
  • Wealth Creation & Estate Equalization. The initial premium is lower than the sum assured. The investment portfolio will perform to create additional wealth and the amount payable to each child after she passes away will be the sum assured for each of them. 

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