It is natural for us to want to take charge of our lives, and our finances in particular. But if we want to make our own decisions on financial matters, it quickly becomes obvious that we must also take responsibility for those decisions.

It is natural for us to want to take charge of our lives, and our finances in particular. But if we want to make our own decisions on financial matters, we must also take responsibility for those decisions. Nothing focuses the mind more than the potential of losing money through poor decision-making. So we seek to manage our finances in a way that secures our future, enables us to build our businesses, and allows us to enjoy the lifestyle we wan

At Swiss Life we have found that as people become wealthier, their options and their horizons open up. But as their financial targets become more ambitious, the responsibility for financial decision-making weighs more heavily. In part, this is because the financial sector itself continues to expand, evolve and become ever more complex. An abundance of products and services, and the panoply of regulation governing all aspects of the industry, make financial expertise more essential than ever before.

The challenge remains that if people want to take their own decisions, they also need the confidence of knowing that those decisions are the right ones, and this means taking expert advice.

Responding to today's needs

Traditionally, people receive professional financial advice in face-to-face meetings, where documents can be prepared and signed.

This practice is not always convenient these days, when people are traveling more, and when videoconferencing has in many cases replaced direct meetings. Clearly, the advisory process has to be flexible enough to fit around clients' busy schedules. Meanwhile, business partners need to be sure they have all of the information and documents they need to hand at any time. That's where digital technology can help to provide a tailor-made solution.

Facilitating self-determination

Surveys show that self-determination - people’s desire to shape their own lives and be able to make decisions freely - is relevant across all generations and income brackets in our core markets. And financial confidence, even more than health, is the key factor in self-determination.

Helping people to live a self-determined life, whatever their age, is already at the center of Swiss Life's activities, whether providing insurance solutions to high-net-worth individuals and multinational corporations, or helping our business partners determine holistic risk and investment goals with individual clients.

To implement this strategy, we have launched a new means of collaborating with our business partners in order to provide a more responsive and efficient service to end-clients. ePrivateWealth is a digital collaboration platform designed to enable intermediaries to access our expertise and services directly, whatever their location and whenever they need it.

The ePrivateWealth portal offers round-the-clock access to wealth planning expertise through any device, including tablets and mobile phones. This puts at business partners' fingertips all the forms and documentation required to complete insurance policy applications, for example. The application process is entirely online, so it offers maximum flexibility.

Collaboration platform

To apply for life insurance online, or simply to search for in-depth wealth planning information, the portal provides access to an extensive range of features including current news, analysis and market data; a comprehensive Q&A on wealth management; an e-learning section with online tutorials, updates and case studies; and the latest legal and regulatory updates from our experts around the world.

ePrivateWealth portal is specifically designed as a collaboration platform, with which business partners can access all information and data they need for straightforward tasks, and providing the ability to connect with experts at Swiss Life when they have more complex or technical issues to resolve, enabling them to ask questions and conduct conversations directly through the portal.

We are conscious that digital channels are a vital addition to the means of communication available to connect us, our business partners and our clients. However, not every issue can be resolved via smartphone. Occasionally that face-to-face contact is the best solution for everyone. 


The portal to digital wealth planning