At the end of November 2018 Swiss Life presented its Group-wide programme, "Swiss Life 2021". It is based on our purpose: we enable people to lead a self-determined life. Swiss Life concentrates on four strategic directions for the programme: its focus on preferred segments, the promotion of attractive offers, the steady improvement of customer relations and the continuing increase of productivity.

Taking control of one’s own life is a basic human need. By assuming risks for those we insure, we afford them financial confidence, and thus greater autonomy in their decisions. This is the origin of our mandate at Swiss Life: we enable people to lead a self-determined life.

Four strategic directions
Under the aegis of “Swiss Life 2021” we concentrate on four strategic directions. We step up our efforts in preferred segments, set greater store by even better offers in product development and in our services, aim to significantly enhance our customer interface and continue to increase productivity.

At Swiss Life Global Solutions, we provide freedom of choice with a wide range of tailored cross-border solutions to empower wealthy individuals and multinational corporations with their local and mobile employees to take the right decisions.

As a leading brand and business partner for cross-border insurance solutions our aim is to further leverage our brand and cross-border expertise for U/HNWIs, MNCs and SMEs through focussing on:

  • Cross-border wealth transfer solutions
  • Innovative products and solution-offering
  • Hybrid distribution model
  • Digital and scalable target operating model (TOM) 

We strive to strengthen our position as a robust and reliable partner to further grow our high-quality fee and risk result by ensuring that our clients and partners can determine their choices with confidence in a changing world.

Thomas Henze, Head of Global Private Wealth