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The coming decades will see a high number of families start the process of transferring family-owned businesses, and other components of their wealth like financial assets and real estate, to the next generation. Entrepreneurs who have spent years developing their own businesses will be faced with the complexity of planning the handover while safeguarding the family’s life style and financial security.

Making sure this process is a success means planning in advance. Swiss Life Generations has been developed to support families in this crucial step.

Growth and protection

With Swiss Life Generations HNW families will be able to protect their wealth for future generations while also generating liquidity to meet their wealth transfer and estate equalisation needs.

Swiss Life’s purpose is to enable people to lead a self-determined life with financial confidence. Helping HNW families grow their financial assets while simultaneously providing them with a solution to protect their loved ones is a great example of this, and is exactly what we are offering with Swiss Life Generations. Our bespoke wealth management solutions give our clients the confidence that their wealth is always assured.

Swiss Life Generations has been designed as a whole of life solution with a high death benefit guaranteed. Joint lives are accepted and the policy can be denominated in four currencies: EUR, CHF, USD and GBP. The new solution will be available for High Net-Worth Individuals in Italy, Germany and France. Further opportunities in other European markets are currently being investigated.

Thomas Henze, Head of Global Private Wealth Solutions, said:
"Building on a successful track record in Asian markets over the past years, we have decided to adapt this solution for European markets. Swiss Life Generations is an innovative solution supporting families in addressing their long-term succession strategy and the timing and issues of capital in order to place them in the best strategic position to plan the future of the next generations. At the same time, it protects and preserves key parts of their personal, family and business legacies."