The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) introduces new rules enhancing the protection of clients, in parallel with client protection rules recently adopted in other sectors of the financial industry. The new Directive comes into force on 1 October 2018.





16th Asia-Pacific Family Office Conference in Hong Kong, 24-25 October 2018

The conference aims at setting side by side inter-generational members of established family businesses from across the globe, providing them with a unique platform to share their views and experiences from their businesses.

Our expert Dennis Tan, Wealth Solutions and Head of Legal, Singapore participates in a panel discussion Coming full circle,  exchanging insights on how multigenerational business families are managing legacy wealth and on the key considerations to ensure family continuity amidst change.   


20th European Family Office Conference, London, 6-7 November 2018

This conference is set to explore the very fabric of high-performing family offices, drawing a matrix of investing opportunities, structuring and planning needs for the future.

Our expert Julian Melling, Sales Director, participates in a panel discussion on Building for the Furture - How to ensure more than just wealth survives. The panel will debate on the pressures on family office strategies and on how families can ensure continuity while arranging for wealth transfers from one generation to another.