In times of uncertainty protecting the business, retaining control or key man replacement concerns take up an important place in business owners life. Planning the future, setting up succession plans or preparing the handover to the next generation must be considered.

Liquidity planning can be an answer to these concerns. With the promise of additional liquidity during succession, you can make decisions about the future of your business with confidence.

Swiss Life has a longstanding expertise in liquidity planning and can support you with flexible solutions. 

This quarter we explored challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners are facing and how flexible life insurance solutions can offer freedom of choice and financial confidence.

At a glance

66% of business owners don't have a succession plan in place (1)

It's time to act now!

75% of upper middle market businesses will change hands in the coming decade

The great wealth transfer is under way!

(1) 2021 Knight Frank Wealth Report

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Liquidity is a key planning tool

After the disruption caused by Covid-19, businesses are increasingly focusing on growing and preparing the future. But many businesses don’t have contingency plans for the loss of a significant shareholder. 

Why liquidity is crucial

Every business and every family office should be prepared for some level of disruption. During the height of the pandemic, liquidity was at the front of mind for family offices. 

The importance of succession planning

Succession planning for businesses is usually associated with retirement. But what happens if a co-founder passes away unexpectedly? 

Find out how we can support your business with strategic liquidity planning

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We support businesses retain talent through flexible and high-quality solutions.

Business successsion planning

We help keep employees engaged, motivated and healthy, ensuring a productive workforce.

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