Our new digital wealth planning platform is enabling our partners to focus even more on building relationships with their high net worth clients.

Our new digital wealth planning platform is enabling our partners to focus even more on building relationships with their high net worth clients.

At Swiss Life Global Solutions, we recognise the digitalisation of products, processes and systems as the best way of simplifying and streamlining the services we deliver to our partners and clients.

That in turn enables us to achieve what we regard as our single most important objective – enabling people to live a self-determined life with confidence.

 Digitalised for speed and simplicity

So it was an important step forward when earlier this year we launched ‘ePrivateWealth’, our online portal for partners including banks, asset managers, family offices, and brokers.

It means we can provide partners with direct access to wealth planning expertise, the latest market information, online application forms, up-to-the-minute e-learning materials and other useful information. What’s more, it is all accessible at any time from any device. 

With the introduction of online access to our digital services, we intend to simplify our processes, improve how we share our expertise and market knowledge with our partners, and offer more timely access to information. “This represents an important transformation in the way Swiss Life Global Private Wealth Solutions provides access to a range of services, and is another milestone in the firm’s growth strategy.

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Cutting cross-border complexity

Financial services is among the most complex industries. And when dealing with high-net-worth individuals, that complexity can be significantly intensified.

They are often highly mobile, own estate and properties, familiy businesses and other interests in a number of countries across the world. In addition, they are likely to own large and diverse portfolios of shares and other financial assets.

So any solution that streamlines and simplifies client management delivers an extremely valuable benefit, freeing our partners to focus on building and maintaining good client relationships.

That’s why we have designed the ePrivateWealth portal specifically to help our partners meet the ever-changing needs of this sophisticated and ultra-mobile population. It’s a clear illustration of our commitment to cutting cross-border complexity and providing creative solutions that help our partners deliver high-quality wealth transfer, estate planning and other wealth management services to their clients.

 Reduced time and effort

At its heart is the Knowledge Hub, which collates and delivers the latest market updates and insights, and wealth planning knowledge alongside e-learning materials and a calendar of upcoming events. By curating and presenting all this information in a single place, the portal significantly reduces the time and effort involved for our partners in ensuring that their knowledge is always up-to-date.

The portal also gives our partners new transactional capabilities, including a more simple application and policy-change process. In addition, it includes a range of smart collaboration tools, which enable our experts to respond rapidly to any request.

For many years, we and our partners have successfully combined our cross-border life insurance expertise with their wealth planning know-how to create bespoke solutions that enable high-net-worth clients to meet their wealth and succession planning objectives. 


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