At Swiss Life Global Solutions, we help people around the world live with confidence. Our tailored cross-border insurance solutions give businesses and individuals the security and freedom of choice that allow them to shape their own future.

Our valuable services for a self-determined life


Customised and flexible employee benefits solutions

High-quality local and global solutions including pension, risk, health, wellbeing and assistance tailored to your business objectives and employees, wherever they are, whatever they value the most.


High-end insurance solutions for wealth planning

Wealth transfer solutions for long-term financial security and protection of the next generation, adaptable to meet different property, businesses and estates management complexities around the world.


Insurance platform creating value for clients and partners

Broader set of value-added services for both clients and intermediaries, options to build, customise and integrate products together, more choices and personalisation to foster innovation.

Make the right decision with our most popular solutions

  • German_product

    Swiss Life Preferred Deutschland

    • Close the gap of insurance cover for death and disability
    • Preserve full insurance cover for extraordinary leave
    • Report new and departing members only once a year
  • Generation_product

    Swiss Life Generations

    • Protect the people and assets that matter the most
    • Take control of your plan's investment strategy
    • Enjoy rewards for good investment performance and reduce associated risks
  • Medical_product

    Swiss Life WeCare

    • Keep your employees engaged, motivated and healthy
    • Complement and strengthen your existing Employee Benefits package
    • Provide health security and peace of mind to your employees and their family

More solutions to meet your needs

A strong partner by your side

  • Intelligence.svg

    200 global experts

    in our 3 excellence centres in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Singapore

  • Cross-border_modifiziert.svg

    80+ countries

    covered in our broad range of insurance solutions

  • Chart2_resize.png

    20bn AuM/AuC (CHF)

    proof of in-depth and long-standing expertise

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