Combining our long-standing expertise with local insights from partners, we are able to provide the security of long-term solutions that adapt to the ever-changing needs of local and international workforce.

A growing network of local Employee Benefits Solutions experts

The Swiss Life Network was established in 1962 as a multinational risk pooling mechanism, but today it is a much bigger entity. Our mature network is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive global Employee Benefits Solutions to multinational corporations and their local and mobile employees based in over 80 countries, that can be tailored to individual needs and self-determined aspirations.

The expertise of our 90 leading Network Partners is two-fold: it provides high-quality products on a local level, which ensures the service is fast and efficient and in addition, each Network Partner brings in-depth insights of local legal, tax and political developments that could affect people’s and businesses’ priorities.


How our global infrastructure works

We connect to international businesses through our global and local intermediaries. Building on our trusted relationships, we get to know clients’ wants, needs and goals and match them to our hand-picked network of 90 leading partners. Working collaboratively means our packages fulfil real needs and goals, work across borders and are efficiently delivered.

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24/7 access, anywhere in the world

EB-Life is our digital solution for Multinational Companies to keep track and analyse their employee benefits globally and explore new solutions for their needs, and for Network Partners to collaborate effectively with the Swiss Life Network and browse the profiles of multinational clients and prospects.