Our flexible and long-term insurance solutions help our clients meet the diverse challenges they face with confidence. What sets us apart is the freedom of choice we build into every solution. We enable people to make self-determined decisions and live according to their own values.

Global Private Wealth

Financial security and choice for wealthy individuals and their families

Our sophisticated life insurance solutions are fully customisable, with enough flexibility to change and adapt along life’s journey. Whatever our clients’ goals, we will find the financial opportunities that suit their profile and cross-border investment requirements. With an emphasis on asset mobility, individuality and long-term stability, we help clients to build wealth and secure their future. 

Global Employee Benefits

Shape attractive and competitive packages around your financial goals and aspirations for the future

Combining our flexible risk, health and pension insurance solutions, we help businesses with high-quality solutions to meet their employee benefits objectives, wherever they are, whatever they value the most. Together with our global network of partners, we design attractive and competitive packages that increase employee retention and reduce the complexity of managing local and international workforce.