Combining our flexible risk, health and pension insurance solutions, we help businesses with high-quality solutions to meet their employee benefits objectives, wherever they are, whatever they value the most. Together with our global network of partners, we design attractive and competitive packages that increase employee retention and reduce the complexity of managing local and international workforce.

A strong partner by your side

Global expertise

Through our global partner model, we have in-depth insights into different markets and can design the most competitive cross-border employee benefits.


Every solution in every market is compliant and designed to deliver commercial value for businesses and real value for businesses and employees.


We tailor our Employee Benefits Solutions to business and employees’ needs. By collaborating closely, we can react quickly to any changes.

Reduce complexity

Simple and efficient management systems make it possible to control Employee Benefits Solutions from any location in a more effective way.

Our product offering

  • Architekt

    For German companies looking for bAV solutions

    • Streamlined administration processes
    • No long-term contractual commitment with annual review to your needs
    • Long-term strategy with guarantee of sustainable solutions
  • Mitarbeitende Aktuar

    For your mobile and expat employees

    • Range of savings options to suit own goals and risk preferences
    • Flexible protection for employees and their families if the unexpected happens
    • Access to top healthcare and a range of emergency help
  • Freizeit

    Add value to your employee benefits plans worldwide

    • Gain underwriting benefits and potential cost savings from your global insurance plans
    • Customise your international programme to your requirements and risk profile
    • Monitor and control costs, claims and benefit levels
  • Familien

    For companies wishing to complement their benefit package

    • Competitive advantage to approach, recruit and retain the best talents
    • Increase motivation
    • Minimise sickness and absenteeism

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Find out more about how we can support you with employee benefits solutions. Our experts will be happy to examine your individual situation and provide you with solutions. That way you can shape your future in self-determination.