With Swiss Life Preferred Germany, you benefit from the advantages of a cross-border reinsurance solution for collective death and disability risks to complement your company pension scheme. Our solution offers a high level of flexibility according to the needs of the insured to lead a self-determined life.

Security, simplicity, expertise

  • Unlimited protection

    Special illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, serious illnesses such as cancer and high-risk professions and hobbies are also fully insured. Previous illnesses are not counted.

  • Administration.png

    Ultra-simplified administration

    Changes are to be reported only once a year. The contract is adapted annually to your needs and objectives but with a guaranteed rate for up to 3 years.

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    bAV expertise

    Benefit from Swiss Life Germany's expertise in financial, pension and occupational benefits solutions to set up or restructure your company pension scheme or outsource pension obligations.

One plan to meet your and employees' goals


Protecting your business

Shape your employee benefits package around your financial goals and aspirations for the future, remain competitive to outperform the competition, increase employee retention.



Caring for your employees

Feeling confident about the future is key for employees to staying motivated. Provide security to your employees and their loved ones, offer them peace of mind should they take time off work with the option to maintain insurance coverage at any time.

Putting you in control

24/7 online access to information on your insurance policies through a single portal. One tool for employers and their employees.

How does it work?

Minimum requirements

Company based in Germany | Members with local German employment contract | At least 50 insured persons | At least EUR 50'000 annual premium

Experts at your side

  • Extensive experience in the Employee Benefits market.

  • Multinational.png

    Experience in managing large accounts (> 20,000 members).

  • Health_ib.svg

    Deep knowledge of the German healthcare system.

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