Our client, 48, real estate development company has seen rapid expansion in the US and Eastern European, and is now valued at USD 200 million. With his large network, he still generates a significant part of the company’s business and is key to its success.

But, what would happen if he died tomorrow?

As it stands, the company would face the prospect of a significant loss of turnover, as no member of the management committee has the ability and connections to effectively take over.

Our solution: Tailor-made succession planning

Our solutions offer business owners flexibility, while providing the assurance of sustainable succession planning according to their own choices.

The Swiss Life Generations (SLG) variable universal life insurance allows our client to plan this complex handover, while safeguarding his family’s financial freedom and security.

The company subscribes a SLG policy with a death benefit of USD 20 million, which represents an estimate of the immediate loss of turnover and the replacement cost (training, head hunter, sign-on bonus, etc.) of our client as the head of the company.


The client can plan his succession in accordance with his wishes.

The capital of the contract can be accessed at any time and the beneficiary can be changed.

Death benefits will be transferred directly to the designated beneficiary.