A 48-year-old entrepreneur rapidly expanded a real estate development company across the Europe. The business is now valued at €200 million. Using his large network of contacts, he still generates a significant proportion of the company’s business and is key to its success.

Understandably, he is concerned about the future of the business if he should pass away. 

Given that the management team doesn’t have the same connections and understanding of the business as he does, it would be difficult to find someone to take over from him. As a result, the business would face a significant loss of turnover, and his family would also see their financial security reduce.

Our solution: tailored succession planning

Our protection plan provides the liquidity businesses need to deal with significant upheaval, so entrepreneurs can continue to grow their businesses and plan for the future with confidence. Using our high life cover policy Swiss Life Generations, the entrepreneur can assure his life and assign a death benefit of €20 million to the company. If he dies, the capital can be used to fund his replacement, either through training, using a head hunter or creating a sign-on bonus. The additional liquidity can also cover any cash flow issues and  provide security for shareholders. 





Our client can create a plan that meets his business’s needs and his own investment strategy.



At any time, our client can change the beneficiary and access capital to help meet cash flow needs.



With the security of liquidity, our client can make confident choices about the future of his business and his family.

Personalised advice

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