Swiss Life Global Solutions and Dialogue Health Technologies Inc., a global health engagement platform, are announcing today a renewed and strengthened partnership. This collaboration will help Swiss Life Global Solutions revolutionise health engagement for its clients globally, enabling them to enhance the health and wellbeing of their workforce by developing and maintaining healthier habits. The partnership also marks a significant evolution in the adoption of preventative health engagement for employees in all industries across the globe.

Through this enhanced partnership, Swiss Life Global Solutions will offer Dialogue's digital platform to its clients, promoting comprehensive health engagement solutions tailored to today’s workforce. The platform delivers cutting-edge engagement and content solutions which include individual and team-based challenges, self-guided mental health programmes, and preventative habit-improving collections, altogether creating sophisticated member journeys. The platform also includes advanced integration options.

As a global insurance leader, Swiss Life Global Solutions is pioneering a response to increased awareness of physical and mental health and a growing demand for prevention. Studies show that individuals who increase physical activity are preventing more serious health concerns upstream, experiencing lower rates of mental health issues, reduced incidence of chronic diseases, and improved overall wellbeing. 

Dialogue’s platform enables individuals to foster healthier habits through small personalised and measurable steps, aimed at improving lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, and activeness by leveraging clinically validated solutions. In the workplace, a healthier lifestyle is shown to lower absenteeism and presenteeism, promote higher levels of job satisfaction, and foster healthier, more resilient communities.

“We are delighted to partner with Swiss Life Global Solutions in elevating health engagement to intervene earlier on in the wellness-illness continuum, empowering individuals to be proactive about their health and wellbeing,” shares Dr. Stephanie Moynihan, Associate Medical Director at Dialogue. “This partnership will engage communities in unique and effective ways, emphasising the importance for prevention through the development of healthier habits.”

Dialogue’s growth brought enhanced engagement capabilities and integrations, making it the perfect solution for employers, organisations, and insurers seeking to engage more effectively with their employees and customers. The continuous development of Dialogue's platform, particularly member journeys and integrated support, enables Swiss Life Global Solutions to deliver even more exceptional value to its clients.

"We aim to provide our clients with the most advanced and engaging solutions for their employees and customers. Dialogue's platform perfectly aligns with our vision, enabling an integrated approach to health and wellbeing,” shares Michael Hansen, CEO Swiss Life Network. “This partnership will support our clients in helping employees engage with their health and wellbeing, creating a happier and healthier workforce.”


Dialogue Health Technologies Inc.

Established in 2016, Dialogue is a global leader in digital health engagement. Providing on-demand access to programmes improving health and wellbeing, Dialogue aims to deliver meaningful behaviour change to those who need it most - both in and outside the workplace - through insurers, employers and organisations that have an interest in engaging their employees, members, and their families. Dialogue's digital health engagement platform serves as a revolutionary tool that not only promotes health and wellbeing, but also strategically positions organisations at the heart of their employees’ and customers' health journey. Designed for insurers, financial services businesses, retailers and any organisation looking to deepen customer connections, our platform leverages wellness as a powerful engagement hook, enabling unparalleled customer connection, retention, acquisition, and value enhancement.


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