A powerful advantage

Our bespoke Employee Benefits Solutions empower and protect people around the world. Using our leading insurance solutions, we design attractive and competitive packages that increase employee retention and reduce the complexity of managing local and international workforce.
Their value comes down to their flexibility. Businesses have the freedom to shape employee benefits around their financial goals and aspirations for the future.


Customised and flexible Employee Benefits Solutions

Working closely with a hand-picked network of international partners, we create and manage reliable Global Employee Benefits Solutions. Customisable in every way, they enable our clients to tailor the benefits of their employees to meet their own needs, now and in the future.


Combining global expertise with local know-how

Drawing on decades of global expertise and local knowledge from trusted partners, we deliver high-quality insurance solutions that meet local and international employee benefits needs.


Building on our heritage for a confident future

For over 160 years, Swiss Life has been helping clients live self-determined lives. In a world of changing opportunity, we help them invest in the future and make confident choices about the objectives they want. 



Global Employee Benefits

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