Employees are a business’ most important asset. Keeping them engaged, motivated and healthy is key to a company’s long-term success.

Improving sustainability of talent

While a productive workforce is always the key to a company’s success, the increasing workplace challenges mean that employees are expected to work under greater performance pressure.

Our health and wellbeing offering complements and strengthens our existing global employee benefits solutions and helps the workforce stay healthier and more productive, adding yet another way to support companies manage their talent strategy and individuals work towards their own aspirations.

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    Remain competitive

    Wellbeing has become a competitive advantage to approach, recruit and retain the talents that are most wanted.

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    Increase motivation

    Shining the spotlight on employee wellbeing has a positive impact on your company with a more productive and motivated staff.

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    Minimise sickness and absenteeism

    Alleviating stress and providing access to healthcare keeps people healthy and motivated.


A motivated workforce

Our wellbeing partners help bridge the gap between work and personal life. They remove HR barriers, instil confidence, nurture health and are designed to benefit an entire team.

Through our selection of partners, we offer innovative ways that allow employees to easily assess, monitor and improve all aspects of health to support them in their day-to-day lives.



Provides a range of tests focusing on specific genetic markers related to fitness and nutrition, as well as personalised genetically-matched diet and training plans to help employees achieve their health and fitness goals faster, with sustainable, long-term results.



Providing access to quality international healthcare worldwide through GLOBALCOVER Critical Illness and Global CARE Cover, Medigo helps people receive critical illness treatments and medical concierge.


1 change

Combining an online app with in-person workshops and individual measurements, 1 change delivers a science-based resilience program solution that improves employees’ capacity, confidence and performance both in and out of work.


Limeade ONE

This mobile-based platform combines wellbeing, engagement, inclusion and communications modules to help a business become a great place to work.

Workplace Options

Offers emotional, practical and physical wellbeing assistance to culturally sensitive employees as well as work-life services for multinational employees and their families.


Operates a mobile-first digital health engagement platform that helps people live healthier, more active lives through a combination of motivational techniques.



Assists insurance plan members and patients with the insurance services and healthcare resources they need when they need it through avatar and chatbot-based platforms.



Empowers individuals to take more control of their health and wellbeing via a mobile app that gives a personal experience that motivates them and leads to better health choices.



Simple to use smartphone app that helps support new mothers and mothers-to-be, just when they need it most – as they navigate their way through pregnancy, and the first few years of parenthood.



Platform designed to help people maximise financial opportunities, overcome financial problems and make managing money stress free.



Provides the easiest yet most comprehensive mental health benefits for individuals and workforces in Asia. Speak with behavioural health coaches, work with licensed psychologists, and take on self-guided programs, entirely within a single platform.