Swiss Life is committed to openness and transparency in management. We have in place a framework of prudent and effective controls that enables risks to be assessed and managed, and promotes a culture of corporate transparency, integrity and accountability in the interests of the policyholders, shareholders and employees.

Security information

At Swiss Life, the confidential treatment of customer data is central to our operations, and we accordingly give the security of such information top priority.

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Technological features

Technological features of the system created for the use of the advanced electronic signature.

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SRDII Engagement policy

Swiss Life statement in relation to the Engagement policy under the Shareholder Rights Directive II.

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Privacy notice

Swiss Life Global Solutions protects the privacy and personal data of its clients, partners and third parties.


Corporate responsibility

We believe everyone should have the ability to lead a confident, self-determined life and make their own decisions. That is why we support and invest in changing people’s lives for the better.

Conflict of interest

We are committed to manage conflicts of interest to prevent abuse and give protection to our policyholders, employees and other counterparts.

Inducement policy

The Inducement policy addresses the remuneration and commissioning of Swiss Life vis-à-vis its distributors.

Complaints handling

At Swiss Life, we are committed to offering the highest level of service to our clients. We take all complaints seriously.