Sales are the driving force of any organisation, helping to push the company in new directions and bringing in the resources needed to innovate and grow. With so much data available to sales professionals, cutting through the data and information to find the actionable insight often represents a huge challenge for sales teams.

Swiss Life Global Solutions has launched EB-Life, a digital solution that helps our partner companies track their employee benefits sales and opportunities in one place, get valuable insights and jump on new opportunities.

The EB-Life digital platform is not designed to replace the personal contact and discussion that powers the Swiss Life Network. Rather, it is there to support personal contact and provide users with all the data they need to enhance it.

Reducing complexity by making data easily accessible and shareable, EB-Life facilitates better communication and deeper collaboration across the Swiss Life Network.

Everything in one place

EB-Life provides sales professionals with the two key benefits of digitalisation: access at anytime from anywhere and instant online communication. At the same time, it provides a clear and simple overview of their portfolio, business opportunities and ongoing quotes.

Next to the overview of the ongoing partner’s sales activities, the dashboard of EB-Life gives them a link to information and activities across the whole Swiss Life Network community. It is easy to check whether multinational companies have an international pooling agreement in place, whether there are local contract in force and opportunities ongoing. This information can be found for more than 4,000 multinational corporations. Users also receive notifications on recent activities or breaking news from throughout the Network. All in all, the platform gives information about multinational corporations, brokers, opportunities, portfolio and sales appointments in one place.

Our Network Partners can also increase the visibility of their organisation by posting their products and services across the Network. This creates a direct exposure of the partner companies to multinationals and allows them to see what they have to offer at a glance, initialising sales discussions to move faster.

It is not only about gathering all data in one place though. The platform also allows for instant communication with dedicated relationship manager at Swiss Life Global Solutions.

Taken together, these features help sales people make informed decisions and more effectively take advantage of the opportunities out there in the market.

The power of self-determination

The true strength of the Swiss Life Network is that it promotes collective expertise and loyal, productive relationships that enable the development of high-quality employee benefits solutions. Network Partners are free to use their knowledge to shape their own strategies and offerings.

By placing self-determination at the heart of the Network, giving easy 24/7 access to up-to-date information needed to seize opportunities and make informed decisions, Swiss Life Global Solutions enables our partners to choose the best way to maximise value for both them and the employees they serve.

Building knowledge

The platform is also designed to help our Network Partners access Swiss Life’s expertise and news- and updates whenever and wherever they need it. From how the Network can better collaborate and build effective processes to guidance on sharing technical insight, partners can build their knowledge whenever they need to.

The combination of Swiss Life Global Solutions’ cross-border expertise with the local knowledge of our Network partners is what allows the Network to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of a fast-moving and interconnected world. The EB-Life platform makes it easier for every part of the Network to benefit from knowledge sharing. 

EB-Life is an exciting new step for the Swiss Life Network, and one that should help all members continue to grow and innovate. 


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