For every business, employing the best people is key to outperform the competition. This is even more challenging for international companies operating in many countries and that need to accommodate employees’ requirements in each market. We offer tailored local and global Employee Benefits Solutions in over 80 countries and territories, including pension, risk, health and assistance.



Making sure your employees feel secure and well-protected is even more complex when they are mobile or working in remote locations. With our global expertise, we help you create the most appropriate cross-border Employee Benefits Solutions. 


Health & Wellbeing

The increasing workplace challenges mean that employees are expected to work under greater performance pressure. We support a holistic approach to wellbeing so that our clients can invest in the self-determined healthy life of their employees through our Swiss Life Network Partners’ health and wellbeing solutions designed to complement and strengthen existing employee benefits packages, ensuring a healthier and more productive workforce.  


Swiss Life Network

Thanks to the local insights and exceptional efficiency of our 65 leading insurance and business partners, we support clients based in 75 countries.