Below is a list of general FAQs about Global Private Wealth Solutions. If you have a country-specific query, please contact your local office.

A life insurance contract has a lot of potential uses:

  • as a long-term savings instrument
  • as a tailor-made management solution
  • for succession planning and wealth transfer 
  • for additional pension provision
  • As a guarantee for a credit facility
  • to provide portability of solutions across borders
  • for asset protection
  • for administrative simplicity
  • for the creation of liquidity and estate equalisation
  • for donating to charity or planning for future donations

The contract can be cancelled within 30 days of its start date.

Depending on the law applicable to the contract, the cancellation  will trigger a refund of the premium, minus any applicable charges, or the value of the contract.


Any age limit to act as a policyholder will depend on the law applicable to the contract.

Depending on the relevant law of the country where the policyholder is resident, any individuals under the age of 18 will  need the consent of their legal representatives or guardians depending on where they live.  


Joint subscription is possible for couples, provided this doesn’t contradict the marriage laws of their country of residence.

If the first policyholder dies while the contract is still in force, the surrender rights of the deceased policyholder will automatically be transferred to the surviving policyholder. 


The following rights may be exercised by the policyholder at any time:

  • payment of additional premiums
  • partial or total surrender
  • appointment or change of beneficiary(ies)
  • pledge of the contract
  • Assignment of the rights of the contract (where the applicable law may foresee)
  • change of the investment strategy
  • switch between the assets underlying the policy

The policyholder can select and change at any time the investment manager of the internal insurance funds managed on discretionary basis or the portfolio subject to Swiss Life’s prior agreement. 


Depending on the contract available in the concerned market, insurance premium may be invested within:

  • one or more discretionary or self-managed internal insurance fund or portfolio
  • one or more external funds based on a funds picking list provided by the insurer.

The financial management of the internal insurance fund or portfolio is subject to the investment policy which is determined based on the policyholder’s risk profile and investment rules of the country of establishment of the carrier.