The employee experience is on the brink of great change. Hybrid working has become the norm. In fact, the number of job listings mentioning remote work has soared by 357% compared to the previous year (i). It has been encouraging to see businesses across the world embrace flexible working, but now they need to take another step forward to stand out in the competition for talent.

Employers need to recognise that the employee experience is about more than where people work – it is about everything from company culture to managing stress. This quarter, we have been exploring the key elements that empower employees to create the life they want now.

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Millennials and Gen Zs who say their job’s wellbeing support is ‘inadequate’ (ii)



Business leaders who prioritise financial performance over inclusivity (iii)

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Wellbeing is under the spotlight

Younger generations are more in tune with their wellbeing. So much so that they are choosing to leave jobs to protect their mental health. Yet they do not feel empowered. Millennials and Gen Zs say they are reluctant to share their mental health concerns with their employer. This article explores why emotional support is vital for employees to pursue their career choices with confidence.

Company culture for the new normal

As many as 69% of leaders owe their success during the pandemic to their strong company culture (iv). The challenge is keeping company culture aligned with employees’ values. As the Great Resignation continues to bring new faces to companies across the world, employers need to work hard to adapt their culture to constantly changing ideals.

Compassionate companies

Recent surveys show that the number one reason why employees are leaving their employer is ‘uncaring leaders’ (v). According to employees, business leaders are out of touch with their reality. This article discusses what it means to be a caring and compassionate employer who encourages people to lead a self-determined life.

Inclusion – the key ingredient in DE&I

Businesses have put a lot of effort into increasing diversity and equity in recent years. Yet employees’ personal experiences tell us that there is still work to be done to ensure that people feel truly included and valued. If employers are to enable employees to reach their full potential, they need to give their people the security and confidence to be themselves.

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