The Swiss Life Network is further expanding its global footprint thanks to new partnerships with leading local market players. Focusing on countries where there is growing demand for local insurable employee benefits, Swiss Life Global Solutions is helping more businesses deliver valuable pay strategies that secure and retain talent.

The Swiss Life Network’s expansion is both geographic and relating to the types of cover offered, helping more businesses allow their employees freedom of choice over their future and security.

Expansion to new countries

Swiss Life Network can now deliver tailored global employee benefits solutions to businesses and their employees based in Vietnam, Tunisia and Morocco. It is thanks to the following partnerships:


new partnership with


new partnership with


new partnership with

New insurance offering in Brazil

Swiss Life Network has signed two new partnerships in Brazil, with MAG and with INPAO Dental, a major dental insurance company. Working alongside its existing partnership with Icatu Seguros, INPAO Dental will also offer the option of dental insurance – a corporate employee benefit that is increasingly in demand in Brazil.

Broader regional solution in APAC

Swiss Life Network Partner FWD has agreed to become a strategic regional provider in the APAC region as it is already present in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. FWD will work closely with the Swiss Life Network and offers a centrally managed and coordinated regional solution from its Singapore office.

Multinational companies with subsidiaries in the countries mentioned above may now benefit from FWD’s regional solution. They may also be able to benefit from the Swiss Life Network’s multinational pooling advantages.

Strengthening our clients’ value propositions

Swiss Life Global Solutions is committed to offering businesses and their employees greater freedom of choice through flexible and tailored employee benefits packages. By broadening its network with wider geographical reach and access to a greater range of products, it is strengthening its position in the global employee benefits market.

The strength of our Network

Together with over 65 leading insurance and business partners, we help our clients create an Employee Benefits experience that can be tailored to individual needs and self-determined aspirations.