Wealth transfer can be complex

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    Provide security and protection to your family and loved ones and financial support to vulnerable communities.

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    Fair transfer

    Ensure that the next generation receives a fair share and is financially protected and continue supporting causes that count for you.

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    Support your children to live their choices and conclude a lifetime of service with a significant contribution to society.

Continue supporting causes important to you

The philanthropic contribution anyone makes is a personal and important decision. Individuals need complete freedom of choice over how much they donate, in what form and to which organisations. Many individuals also want to protect their loved ones financially. And it’s important that donations can alter as wishes and circumstances change over time. Swiss Life Generations provides the flexibility and security individuals need to achieve all their plans.

Key features of our solution

Create additional liquidity

The policy creates additional wealth. You can keep your illiquid assets while supporting organisations and protecting your family. You can even opt to take income for your other needs and goals.

Invest the way you want

Choose from a range of investments in line with your strategy and profit from market increases with reduced risk costs. You can also select your asset manager and custodian to keep your trusted advisers with you.

Flexibility & security

You can change the policy’s death benefit and the designated beneficiaries at any time. With this policy, you’ll have the freedom to arrange your succession in line with your choices.

An example - Giving back to society

After making his fortune in Bio Tech, Thomas has started planning what would happen to his assets after he passes away. While he wants to leave his entire estate to his children, he also plans to contribute to two charities that he supports. He is already a significant contributor to two organisations, one in Colombia and the other in Cambodia, contributing EUR 500 000 each year. Is it possible to ensure that both his family and his chosen charities benefit after his death?

What happens to the estate?


Leave his estate to his children

With well-structured wealth planning, Thomas can arrange for his estate to be transferred to his children in line with his wishes.

What happens with the insurance policy?


The insurance benefit goes to the organisations

By naming the two organisations as beneficiaries of the policy, each one will receive the payment of the insurance benefit.

Four steps to create your future legacy

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Tailor your policy to your personal goals

  • Consider your long-term estate planning goals
  • Target your business and family legacy objectives
  • Solve liquidity challenges for a smooth and fair wealth transfer
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Choose your investment strategy 

  • Appoint your trusted asset manager and custodian
  • Select underlying investments in line with your strategy
  • Adjust your strategy in line with your market outlook
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Financial & medical underwriting 

  • Choose from world-class clinics and services
  • Take advantage of our exclusive concierge services
  • Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed
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Adjust policy throughout your life

  • View your policy anytime in ePrivateWealth
  • Access liquidity when needed
  • Adapt sum assured and beneficiary nomination as your needs and circumstances change

Start your legacy plan

Contact us so we can start planning your long-term goals



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