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International Perspectives

Welcome to our newsletter providing analysis and insight from our Global Private Wealth experts at Swiss Life Global Solutions.


Issue 2 - 19


Planning for a successful succession

Succession planning is a growing industry as many families that have accumulated considerable wealth begin the process of transferring it to the next generation. In fact, the next eight years will see the world's greatest-ever transfer of wealth.

Case studies - Wealth transfer scenarios

The coming decades will see a high number of families start the process of transferring their wealth to the next generation. Making sure this process is a success means planning in advance. Swiss Life Generations has been developed to support families in this crucial step. 


Helping investors choose sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainable investment strategies are increasingly embraced by families and professional investors alike, and is starting to impact financial and business decisions in the broadest sense.

Amazing experience at the European Melges World League Tour

Swiss Life Global Solutions was one of the sponsors of the second leg of the European Melges World League tour in Sardinia, from 17-19 May for the Melges 32 Class, and from 24-26 May for the Melges 20 Class.


“We’ve lost our nerve”

Reinhold Messner has spent his life going where people do not belong: 8000-meter peaks, the Antarctic, the desert... Where does his desire for freedom come from? And how does he deal with it now that he is older?