Technology has been more important than ever over the past 12 months. For 93% of companies, it allowed them to stay in business with remote working. But digitalising the employee experience needs to do more than provide tools for work. It also needs to support employees’ wellbeing, career goals and life plans. Swiss Life Preferred Plus does exactly that. The portal helps employees to view and manage their pension and risk benefits 24/7, allowing them to perform simulation about their pension and risk profile whenever they need to. This quarter, we have challenged digitalisation to work harder to empower employees and make flexible working a success, now and in the future.

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The amount of people working from home could quadruple post-pandemic (i)



Say they are unable to collaborate on creative work remotely (ii)

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Digitalisation can and should be used as a retention tool

Technology is addressing problems with remote working, but it also creating them. Employees say that technical issues and using lots of different tools means tasks end up taking longer. In this article, we explore why experience is more important than capability. People expect technology to be seamless and personalized, and businesses that tap into these benefits will have the upper hand to retain top talent.

Making a success of hybrid working

Businesses around the world are considering hybrid working as a long-term option. It could have huge benefits for businesses and employees. But when some people are in the office and others are at home, how can businesses give all employees equal levels of support? This article discusses the pros and cons of hybrid models and how digitalization can ensure this new way of working suits everyone.

Discover Swiss Life Preferred Plus new features

At Swiss Life, we have developed a Pension Projection module to give employees a clear oversight of their retirement savings. We have also created a Risk Profiler, which shows employees how to adapt their investments according to their own needs and values. These tools are delivered digitally, ensuring every employee can make the most of them.

Financial wellbeing partners – Swiss Life broadens network

Financial wellbeing is becoming a top priority for employees around the globe. Throughout partnership with nudge, we can help multinational organizations to better support their employees with impartial financial guidance. Learn more about nudge and how it is helping employees achieve financial security and freedom.