With our online platform, companies can access and administer their employee benefits plans, and their employees can view and manage their risk and pension benefits 24/7 in a self-determined way.

As an Employer – Simplify your plans administration tasks

Swiss Life Preferred Plus helps companies streamline the daily employee benefits administration tasks such as (de-)enrolment and renewal, including information viewing and sharing.

Key features


As a Member – Manage your policies in one place

Swiss Life Preferred Plus allows employees view and manage the retirement and risk benefits defined by their employer, and download documents related to their plan such as individual statements. 


Key features


New authentication procedure

How to set up your account the first time you log in

How to log in to the platform from the second time onwards

How to deal with technical issues

New features

Risk Profiler

We developed this module on our Members’ Portal to help employees make investments according to their own values. After answering ten questions about their ability and willingness to tolerate financial risk, the user will discover their risk profile. They may be Conservative, Balanced, Growth or Aggressive, which will give them a better understanding of investment strategies that suit their needs and life goals.

Pension Projection

The new Pension Projection module on our Members’ Portal is designed to help employees live a self-determined retirement. By following a five-step questionnaire, the user will be given more personalised information on whether they have sufficient savings for the retirement they want to enjoy. Using the insights provided, employees can better plan a savings strategy that supports their future ambitions.

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