For decades, HR teams have been focused on cost-saving exercises. This is all about to change. According to a McKinsey survey of HR leaders across Europe-based businesses, the emphasis is now going ‘back to human’ (1). But what should people-centered policies look like?

Every area of an employee’s life impacts their performance at work. And if diversity and inclusion is to encourage employees to bring their whole selves to work, the workplace should support a person’s entire needs. This quarter, we have been focusing on holistic HR. Our insight pieces explore different ways in which businesses can bring choice into every element of the employee experience to inspire a truly self-determined way of life.

At a glance



The improvement in engagement gained by taking care of an employee’s physical and mental health (2)



Percentage of employees saying their wellbeing declined while working during the pandemic (3)

(1) McKinsey, 2021, ‘Back to human’: Why HR leaders want to focus on people again
(2) McKinsey, 2020, COVID-19 and the employee experience: How leaders can seize the moment
(3) Deloitte, 2021, The worker-employer relationship disrupted (Harvard Business Review survey)

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The evolution of employee benefits

People spend around a third of their lifetimes at work. And as technology blurs the lines between work and home, employers need to acknowledge that they are having more impact on their employees’ lives than ever before. If employers want to retain and engage talent, they should address more than the experience within office hours. This article discusses the key aspects of employees’ lives that are calling out for more support.

A lesson in creating an authentic employee experience

Company purpose is an overlooked aspect of work satisfaction – and one that many employees value highly. In this article, we explore how businesses can bring their employee experience more closely aligned to their company’s purpose. For employers that want to build trust with employees, taking this step forward is essential.

Offsetting the true costs of employee turnover

The digital revolution is empowering businesses and individuals alike. But it is also leading to a vast skills gap, the side effect of which is high employee turnover. This article explores the impact of the digital skills gaps and highlights ways that businesses can attract self-determined individuals with benefits that fuel their freedom of choice.

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