After a difficult year, which has called on some employees to significantly step up and made others put their future on hold, workers across the globe are leaving their employers in droves. Coupled with a skills shortage in key sectors such as technology, a rapidly widening talent gap is emerging. The size of this gap is predicted to rise from 3% of the global workforce in 2020 to 11% by 2030, a gap of 85.2 million workers.

Employers are also being squeezed by the demands of funding an aging population. Helping ex-employees to live a self-determined life in retirement is becoming more challenging. Our insight pieces explore realistic solutions to employers’ most pressing problems.

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Workers who are thinking about changing or quitting their job according to a survey of 31,000 people. (1)



Percentage of adults saying they experienced high levels of stress, which is a 5% increase on the previous year. (2)

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Securing retirees’ future

By 2050, it is predicted that 21% of the global population will be older people, totaling more than two billion. Governments are growing more concerned that taxes will no longer be sufficient in footing the bill to care for the aged. And employers are now being forced to shoulder more of the financial burden. This article discusses how companies can ensure their pension schemes remain sustainable while supporting an aging workforce.

Overcoming the challenges of globalisation

A globally mobile workforce presents a number of challenges to employers and employees. Remaining compliant with different countries’ tax laws and visa requirements can be complicated. Additionally, companies need to ensure their employee benefits packages offer robust support to a global workforce, no matter where they are based. We explore the right solutions to these obstacles and unlock a global pool of talent.

A self-determined future

Over the course of the pandemic, there has been a marked but uneven shift in the employer-employee power dynamic. Employees in talent-starved sectors now hold the power, offering them more opportunities to shape their careers and lifestyles. Yet the booming gig economy threatens to strip this influence from others. In this article, we explore whether the future of work will support or hinder the pursuit of a self-determined life.

The ‘Great Resignation’

More workers than ever feel jaded and underappreciated by their employers, while the majority of C-suites and board members believe they are supporting employees’ needs. To prevent the ‘Great Resignation’, a supportive, nurturing culture that tangibly meets workers’ needs may be the route to talent retention.

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